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Our contracts are designed to be two-sided from the start.  There are no games being played or any kind of underhanded tactics used to gain some kind of advantage in our relationship.

Many of our customers bring customers with them.  If you are in need of migration services, we have become experts in moving users from other service providers.

Once our business relationship is established, it will be time to get our technical relationship established as well.  Almost our entire infrastructure is controlled via API. We will provide technical services to facilitate the implementation of all required API calls.

But first we will need you to sign an NDA.  Carefully read the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and fill in the form below agreeing to the terms and conditions of this agreement. The Agreement in no way obligates you to do business with us nor does it prevent you from shopping our competition. The main purpose of this agreement is to prevent either party from sharing confidential information with competitors.

Privacy Statement: “As an industry consultant, Alliance understands that you value your privacy and guarantees not to sell, trade or give your e-mail address to anyone. No exceptions.”

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