Business Services

SIP Anything

Alliance Solutions provides the best SIP-based services available today.  Being geared towards carrier-based services, Alliance bundles its SIP-based services in a number of different wholesale packages that fit just about any requirement.

TDM to VoIP PBX Conversion

There are thousands of legacy PBX’s out in the field with plenty of life in them, or are owned by those who wish to get more life out of their investment.  Alliance Solutions has developed one of the only TDM to VoIP converters that retail for less than $10,000.  The Alliance Solutions PRImate system allows a PBX owner to convert their legacy, non-VoIP PBX into a VoIP PBX for a fraction of the cost of installing a new system.  Whether the lines to be converted are POTS, PRI, or ATM, the PRImate efficiently and cost effectively replaces all current wire-line services with SIP trunks by interfacing with the legacy PBX in its native format.

Hosted PBX

Virtual PBX’s are becoming the new way of delivering PBX functionality to a business VoIP environment.  Alliance offers both managed and unmanaged hosted PBX packages.

Internet Fax

Alliance provides several internet faxing solutions such as T.38 trunks, fax-to-email, and email-to-fax.

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