Consumer Market

The Consumer Market is varied and we understand our partner’s requirement for unique features and terms that fit differing needs. With our program’s flexibility and scalability, partners can cater to a variety of markets. You can provide top notch digital telecommunications services:

  • Residential
  • Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)
  • EFax
  • ATA Auto Provisioning
  • Branded ATA Fulfilment

A ground breaking advance made by Alliance is the release of the “Personal Life” personal unified communications platform. Now whether your customers are happy with using their analog home phones as they always have or they demand more modern options like mobile soft-phones, video phones, or even a mix of endpoint technologies, you have the means to support them through Alliance.

Just as Alliance was first-to-market with personal UC, it will continue to grow into the convergence markets, trans-network roamable technologies, and multi-mode/mixed-media as each of these and other technologies either prove themselves or give way to the next advance.видеокамеры для подводной съемкиflower bridal headband