Migration Services

Tired of your current provider? We will work with you to minimize the impact of the move on your customers. Alliance has migrated many networks and realizes that each one is a custom job. There are many shortcuts that may be taken under certain circumstances that benefit a migration, but there are also many situations that should be avoided at all costs. Alliance has experience moving users from many networks, and therefore has the foresight to make the right decisions before moving the first account.

Migrating users can be a very stressful time which is where Alliance will plan out the entire migration with you ahead of time, not at the last minute. Users will be gathered into groups, and test accounts will be migrated first to confirm the proper tactics are being used. Then, during the migration, you are kept fully informed and engaged during the entire process. If there are issues, you will find them addressed immediately, not after the customer has cancelled.

Alliance knows the speed bumps of migration and has tools available to help alleviate those situations. For instance, Alliance can port numbers in bulk without requiring copies of phone bills, temporary number forwarding, and switch-to-switch live cross-connects, even if your current provider is less than cooperative.

If you should ever choose to leave Alliance, we guarantee we will provide direct SIP trunking to your new provider to facilitate your move.стоимость рекламы в интернетtake a vow