Sensible Pricing Models

Alliance aims to provide the best value, the lowest price for the highest performance…

Our flexibility allows us to provide customized pricing models depending on your needs.  For instance, if the price is more important than the quality, or vise versa, we can create custom route plans. For any given level of service, we always provide the best price because we have the volume and performance monitoring with real-time adaptation to insure it.

Our intention is to be more than just a vendor of services.  We would like to maintain cost and performance effectiveness throughout the life of your business which promotes growth without growing pains and when necessary, contraction without the associated asset or personnel glut.

Two program plans are available. Our partners may choose to be under one of these; or design a hybrid plan, where they mix components from both. Factors to consider include your organization type, number of users, target industries, current customers and billing structure.

Aggregated Calling Plan

The Aggregated Calling Plan delivers calling packages that have set numbers of minutes per month. This gives you predictable and easy to manage usage costs. It is best suited for partners with end users who have consistent calling patterns. The plan can help with long term cost saving.

Cost-Plus Origination & Termination Plan

The Cost-Plus Origination & Termination Plan is a per minute plan for inbound and outbound calls. It is a best-fit for partners with users who have varying VoIP usage patterns. Usually, residential users fit in this category as calls can spike during holidays.

Switch Leasing

For companies who need switches that utilize least cost routing, dynamic fail-over, and performance monitored route management, but have their own service provider, Alliance will lease resources from its switch banks.

Hybrid Programs

For companies with their own VoIP infrastructure, Alliance can also blend in your own POP’s or even your entire VoIP network into our Cost Plus plans to fill in coverage gaps.  You pay us for switch usage on your own networks, and cost-plus on ours.ополигон отзывыкупить палатку украина