The Team

Alliance Solutions has a workforce of over 600 individuals. We have an array of  network architects, data system architects, switch programmers, database administrators, web service programmers, security specialists, logistics specialists, integration analysts, market metric analysts, support personnel, and management.  Alliance interfaces with resellers at the executive level continuing our model of being a virtual department of your own venture.

Management Team

Michelle Hendrickson – General Manager

  • Moved from more traditional service-based management arenas in 1998 to consumer Internet and system services management.
  • Entered Altec Lansing’s international inside sales department in 2000.
  • Expanded management skill set into accounting systems in 2009-2010.
  • Accepted position with InterQoS as the General Manager of Reseller Programs in 2011.

Mike Walker – Technical Manager

  • Mike Walker brings nearly twenty years of computer science experience with a natural propensity for diagnostics and problem solving.
  • He has worked within the ISP industry since 1993, worked for several local and regional ISPs, and founded a local ISP in 2001 that became a national virtual ISP provider by 2003.
  • He previously consulted for many large corporations including Barnett Bank, Chemical Bank, Bank of America, and Pitney Bowes providing services ranging from project management, engineering, and administration within system, network, and security contexts.
  • Mike is a co-founder of ISR, co-invented both the MailVICE’s Forensic Senders Test and the MailVICE user interface, and oversees the MailVICE hosting and security teams.
  • Currently he is in charge of all Alliance systems and network level administration and security, including management of data centers and support personnel.

Jason Howard – Special Projects

  • Customer service and relations coordinator for the University of Arizona.
  • User interface design and testing for Borland Corporation.
  • Project leader for merger management at Bear Stearns.
  • Team coordinator for the design and testing of in-house software developed by Siemens Corporation.
  • With his customer service history, diverse capabilities, and organizational skills Jason currently coordinates our programming teams, designers, reseller requirements, tech support procedures, and testing/deployment.

Steve Jackson – Executive Sponsor

  • Functioned in various technical roles including systems analyst, programmer, database architect, and project manager since PC computing’s infancy in the business world in the mid 1980’s.
  • His strong emphasis on relational database theory, accounting principals, and well-firmed project specification has facilitated dozens of successful products in industries ranging from mortgage banking to Internet marketing.
  • His expertise has contributed to projects of The Gartner Group, Arthur Anderson, Philadelphia Life, and many other companies and municipalities locally from Atlanta, New York City, and Knoxville as well as remotely and/or on-site in the entire continental United States.
  • Alliance reseller operations are directly sponsored by the President of InterQoS Online, Inc., the parent company insuring the top priority of voip reseller programs within the parent organization.
  • Still maintains active interest in systems design and data systems. Also cooridinates with sister company Ingenious Systems Research in the continuing development of their iqVoice commercial switching products.

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