These guys have been around for quite awhile now. We started with them back in the late 1990’s when dialup was the focus of our business. When other providers were still figuring out how it was done, these guys seemed to be the only ones with their act together. Now, 10 years later, they are doing it again with VoIP. There are many flakey providers out there who just can’t deliver, but Alliance knows their stuff.

–Chris S.

With Alliance’s multiple datacenters nationwide, our customers always connect to the best servers. When things go wrong at a particular datacenter, the backup registrations instantly hit the alternate servers and everything just keeps on working. Very impressive to be able to recover immediately after something goes wrong.”

–Michael C.

Most providers use garbage tactics to save a few bucks, like enabling Silence Suppression or using robotic sounding codecs. Alliance is a g729 shop which gives my customers the best of both worlds: excellent call quality and internet-friendly packet sizes. My last provider used g711 which has the best call quality on a LAN, but the large packets are hard on most residential services. Customers were constantly dropping outbound packets due to their congested upstream, even with QoS. Switching our current customers to g729 has completely solved the problem without sacrificing call quality.”

–Chuck P.

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