Why Us

How we are different

Our roots are in customer support. When what we do makes the customer happy, our resellers are automatically happy. We believe that you are the star of your show, and that we need to be completely transparent to your customer base so that we don’t exist to them. All they see is you doing an excellent job providing VoIP services, when in reality its us behind the scenes. You get to do what you do best. Sell.

We will work as partners. We both have a vested interest in making sure your customers are satisfied, and we also have an interest in making sure you can deliver on the promises you make. By us both being equally vested in the same goal keeps us both on the same page. A virtual partnership is formed out of our business relationship that keeps the ball moving down the field and ensures that we are both after the same thing… satisfied customers.

Here at Alliance we are mostly a tech shop, with just enough of our own sales and marketing to find organizations like yours. We pride ourselves in our technical ability while at the same time not loosing focus on what’s really important, your sales. Our role ends up being the back end to your front end, powering your marketing efforts with the quality consumers demand. To support this,  Alliance has a very unique structure, one that’s geared towards doing one thing very well for multiple entities.

Over the course of time there will be ebbs and flows in the VoIP market. New technologies will arise as old technologies fall (remember VoIP being all H.323?). There will inevetably be changes needed to processes and technologies, but that’s what we’ve been doing for almost 15 years. Although we have been in the VoIP business for years, our history dates back to dialup.

Being a wholesale dialup provider is in many ways what formed our unique approach to providing technology. Since those days, our business has seemlessly transitioned from dialup to VoIP with many of our business practices remaining the same, while the technology and processes constantly evolved. Our flexibility is one of the cornerstones that makes us who we are. We know that we must constantly adapt to not only the technology, but the way the technology is sold. Being able to support your ideas with yet-to-be-produced assets allows you to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Just as you would be able to do so with your own tech team, you will have access to all key personnel 24/7/365. We even have a special hotline configured for this purpose. There should never be a time when you need to discuss important issues related to the success of your business and your tech team not be available. This is part of our partnership-like relationship. We will always be there when you need us.

Proper Practices

Alliance has one of the most accurate and reliable VoIP billing systems ever created. When dealing with aggregated networks and international calling it is critical that all billed minutes are accurately accounted for. We know the last thing you want to deal with is a customer billing dispute. The data you receive from us is guaranteed accurate down to the second.

Being able to work out issues and keep those issues from falling through the cracks is paramount to keeping customers happy. When a customer has an issue it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Having a proper ticketing system is the cornerstone to providing instant problem resolution. Our ticketing system was developed in-house and designed to wrap itself around our entire organization. No matter what the problem is, our system can keep track of the issue through its entire lifecycle.

Our systems are designed to provide real-time answers to your questions. Through an extensive API, you will have the ability to create your own custom instrumentation and reporting of any service Alliance provides. This gives you unprecedented integration capability and proves that Alliance is well ahead of its competitors in the realm of interoperability. Ultimately, you should be able to completely integrate Alliance into your internal systems, controlling all aspects of all services from your familiar interface.

One area of concern among everyone in the VoIP business is knowing what’s legal and what’s not. The government is constantly changing the rules and regulations, which is why Alliance has dedicated staff devoted to researching the laws in all 50 states. Should there be any reason for concern, Alliance will work with all of its customers to provide solutions.

The Future

Alliance is always monitoring, assessing, and even developing new technologies. Some technologies take hold, some do not, but we are constantly in search of the next thing to hit the market. For instance, Alliance was one of the first providers to fully enable video calling using non-proprietary devices on our network.

The future of VoIP is very exciting, especially in the world of “Personal UC” or personal unified communications. VoIP offers the ability to break all the boundaries of personal communication by allowing the communications medium itself to be seamless.

Another ground breaking advance made by Alliance is the release of the “Personal Life” personal unified communications platform. Now whether your customers are happy with using their analog home phones as they always have or they demand more modern options like mobile soft-phones, video phones, or even a mix of endpoint technologies, you have the means to support them through Alliance.

Just as Alliance was first-to-market with personal UC, it will continue to grow into the convergence markets, trans-network roamable technologies, and multi-mode/mixed-media as each of these and other technologies either prove themselves or give way to the next advance.ооо полигон адресдомов и